Hypermedia is a term which means a non-liner collection of information such as text, audio, video, graphics or some other form of media. The most perfect example of Hypermedia is WWW (World Wide Web). But in this world, the way World Wide Web uses to store these medias is not that efficient, unreliable and dangerous too.

  1. Talking about how it’s inefficient; It’s inefficient because data is being hosted on centralized servers. Let’s say, 100 uses are looking for a video on the Internet from Japan, and the server of video site is located in London. There will be 100 connection requests between Japan and London, which will consume more international bandwidth in result and provide latency for every user.
  2. What makes it unreliable is; these servers can also be shut down due to many different reasons including due to government issues, by owners or by hackers. The networks can also experience crowds and the providers can run out of business showing unavailable data rendering.
  3. Next thing is that it’s dangerous because the files on the world wide web can be modified and can tampered with. The contents on it can also be changed, the malware can be injected on to it without user’s knowledge.

And to stay safe from these issues, Skycoin has developed a CXO immutable objects system. A system that is more secured, distributed and comes with a next-gen peer-to-peer data storage and file sharing service.

You must have used BitTorrent, it comes with the concept of distributed that is familiar to CXO. In BitTorrent, instead of using a central server and hosting files there, they’re broken their data into small segments and these segments then duplicated and stored across different computers around the globe. In this way, user can download the required data from multiple sources.

BitTorrent keeps improving the data storage efficiency and reliability, but it doesn’t reduces the risk of malware injection or file tampering.

On the other hand, CXO reduces this risk with the help of the concept of content-addressable storage.

What is Content-addressable Storage?

Content-addressable Storage - Skycoin CXO

Content-addressable storage is a new way of hosting data so that it can be retrieved based on its content, rather than on its defined location.

This storage tech is a new way of hosting the data, a way in which data can be retrieved based on its content instead of its location.

With standard HTTP, the file location is always determined by its path, filename and its IP address. All these details are assigned by the owner.

In CXO, instead of IP Address, the address of the will is determined by its hash, which will be derived cryptographically from the file’s contents. Which means every different and unique file willl have a different unique hash address. If the content is even slightly changed or modified, there will be a new hash generated. Eliminating the risk of the file being injected with malware or modified without owner’s knowledge.

Content-addressable storage also gives assurance that the accessed document is identical to the requested one. This way is specifically more useful for the organizations such as Sarbanes Oxley that must comply with document-retention laws.

There will be a unique hash of each non-identical version of a file, and will be stored permanently throughout the whole network. It is also going to solve the problem of deduplication by giving the same hash to the duplicate or identical files.

Using CXO, users are going to publish the content using the public key they have, and the publisher is the only one who can edit the content. Then this content will be replicated in a peer-to-peer manner, which then copied to the other nodes. These nodes will request the content or subscribe to the data feed of publisher, which will grow across the content.

As other nodes won’t know the publisher’s private key, so they can’t modify the data feed. This is what guaranteeing the data integrity, even when the file is not downloaded directly from the node of publisher. The publisher’s privacy will stay protected, because the physical location of publisher’s location can’t be tracked (It can only be seen as another peer on the network).

When user requests any file, CXO will retrieve it efficiently from the nodes that are closest hosting the requested data. And when the file requested has accessed, it will also be stored on the requester’s node. So, there will be multiple copies stored organically on different nodes throughout the whole network, all accessible based on their unique hash.

In the Japand/London example we talked above, when the first user in Japan has downloaded the video or part of it, each subsequent user in Japan can now start download the video automatically from local nodes, instead of the 100 times streaming the same data between Japan and London. CXO will also reduce latency and will make more efficient use of the network resources.

The Next Generation of Distributed Cloud Storage

As CXO has solved all three issues; efficiency, reliability and security in the HTTP-based data storage. CXO will also be the safest and fastest, most reliable hypermedia solution on earth. And no authorized organizations or government can cause any changed, remove it or shut down the stored data on the CXO network.

CXO also supports the ECDH encryption, address generation, public/private key storage, signature verification and immutable tree structures. And also includes standard libraries for messaging, communication or data serialization.

CXO will provide the most efficient storage, file management and versioning the data, facilitating the hosting and distribution of bigger data sets including high-definition high-volume real-time video. Giving CXO the potential to transform web and developing a new era of decentralized apps built upon Skycoin’s distributed architecture.

Blockchain developers, archivists and researchers, they will be able to manage, host and work with their large data sets. Content creators will be able to provide a large quantity of media by paying just a traditional cost. This developing world will then enjoy a new and more reliable access to the information, without being affected by a lack of local high-speed communications infrastructure.

CXO is also perfect for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), because instead of connecting from long distances, data is delivered from the closest source, reducing the latency and the network consumption. The CXO’s robust self-replicating database will also be the foundation of next-gen of uncensorable file sharing / storage applications, which will make apps like Google Drive and DropBox outdated. Inter-Planetary File Systems (IPFS) can be also built with the help of CXO.

Future-proof SkyCoin CX and CXO Games and Apps

CX is a Skycoin’s powerful new blockchain programming language combined with CXO, will be used to create distributed versions of YouTube, Reddit, Wikipedia, Instagram, Dropbox, BitTorrent, GitHub, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and many more social sharing/networking platforms.

Social media content must be available easily and in a verifiable way. But as the platform grows more popular, storing the storing the social media content directly on a blockchain would lead to the excessive bloat. Using CXO to distribute the content and hosting the content will help avoiding this issue. Because, CXO is provind the immutability of a Blockchain combined with the robustness and the massive scalability of a distributed CDN.

The Skycoin BBS
The Skycoin BBS, built on CXO

The Skycoin BBS is an application that is already using CXO, delivering the similar functionalities to some of the social platforms we mentioned above. And on these CXO-based new distributed applications, every user will have complete control over their own profiles and the data feeds. Putting an end to the scourge of online censorship.

But the best part is that CX/CXO apps don’t stop just at online social platforms. These technologies can also help to develop any kind of business application like spreadsheets, business application, databases, CRM suites and different productivity tools.

In fact, Using a traditional programming language like C++ or GoLang can also be built by using CX/CXO. Helping businesses to develop and deploy their own private CX apps, with the incorporating CXO immutable objects that they are going to store on the company’s own Skycoin Fiber blockchains, and which will run on the company’s own hardware.

For the first time ever, both individuals and businesses can launch their own distributed cloud storage and cloud computing solutions with complete control and no reliance on external parties, All powered by Skycoin technology.

The CXO immutable objects that will be stored on Skycoin Fiber immutable ledgers will also transform the video game industry. Allowing user to enable the permanent storage of in-game virtual assets, and it will allow these assets to be traded safely and sold on decentralized exchanges. Different MMORPGs like RuneScape will get enormously benefit from this innovative technology, as robust virtual economies emerge, based around the crafting and trading of valuable cross-platform digital goods.

KittyCash Virtual Assets
A selection of rare and valuable KittyCash virtual assets

KittyCash is such a game in development by Skycoin team. KittyCash is a blockchain game that comes with both crypto-collectable and the Tamagotchi-style elements, as a proof-of-concept in which a player can feed, trade, breed and play different mini games with their digital cats.


CXO by improving the reliability, speed and the security of hypermedia storage and distribution will change the way we share information, communicate with each other, collaborate and interact online.

But, CXO is just a single part of the expansive Skycoin ecosystem. There are other components of the ecosystem that include the following:

  • Hardware (Skyminers, hardware wallets, antennas, custom PCBs)
  • The Skywire global mesh network
  • The Skycoin currency (fast, free, private transactions)
  • The Coin Hours parallel currency
  • The CX programming language
  • The Fiber blockchain platform
  • Numerous ICOs that have launched on Fiber
  • Various games and apps built on CX/CXO/Fiber

Join us and learn more about the world’s most comprehensive blockchain ecosystem.

Skycoin: https://t.me/Skycoin
Skywire: https://t.me/Skywire
Sky Fiber: https://t.me/Skyledger
CX General: https://t.me/Skycoin_CX
CX Labs: https://t.me/CXLabs
CX Game Dev: https://t.me/Skycoin_Game_Dev
Skycoin Rewards: https://t.me/SkycoinRewards
Price Discussion: https://t.me/SkycoinTrading

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