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Welcome to TRB Crypto Solutions. As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become very popular, we find it important to educate people on its use case, technology, and benefits. This disruptive technology will change the world. TRB Crypto Solutions will equip you with safe practices to use within the crypto market. This unique technology and investment type can transform your life. I’m seasoned in this market and have found this technology lucrative and transformative. My team and I are well equipped and committed to help those who are intrigued about learning about block chain technology and how it can transform your life. We look forward to assisting you on this journey.

our team

Travis Bazlle

Travis Bazile


I started investing in the crypto space back in 2017. I saw the importance of this decentralized marketplace. During this time, I was a part of many groups, in which I helped thousands make sound practice decisions in investing and trading. I enjoyed helping people learn about the crypto space. So I created TRB Crypto Solutions to further help people learn and adopt the cryptocurrency technology. My passion for teaching and advising is what started this company. I want to help transform as many lives as possible with my knowledge and expertise.


Content Creator

I’m a bilingual sales professional, military veteran, and crypto enthusiast. I found interest in cryptocurrency because I wanted to be part of the movement of the release of money from the authorities of the world. I joined TRB Crypto Solutions to unite forces with like minded individuals who provide value to society using this exciting revolution. I currently hold the position of creative content creator and market analyst. As the market matures, TRB Crypto Solutions will evolve into a community of winners with strong technical and fundamental foundations.

Ziyi Li

Content Creator

I’m a 21 year old Computer Scientist studying in Amsterdam and I taught myself technical analysis for trading as a hobby. Trading is in my opinion a positive skill set (logic, patience, psychology, etc.) that one could teach itself to not only improve one’s financial situation but also ones general quality of life. I got into trading because a friend of mine introduced me to Forex Q3 of 2017. Trading intrigued me because of the ability to apply logic to increase ones chances of making profit. At the same time I discovered Bitcoin and co. which was in the corner of Computer Science and trading at the same time, coincidences don’t exist right? Hopped on the bandwagon just before the 2017 bull run and have ever since been heavily involved in the crypto space as a trader and a technical guy due to my background. I joined TRB Crypto Solutions to help educate and promote the cryptocurrency industry. I’m a content creator that discusses mostly my opinion on reading charts and providing sound investment advice.